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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Years ago a friend studied to get a job with the post office.

She did not even have an interview.

Since twenty years in the military will get you 50% and forty years will get you 100%, I am going to guess that 30 years would get you 75%.

I do not know what it takes to have a million-dollar idea, let alone a billion-dollar one.

Most years I would have earned at least as much as a teacher and that is supposed to slowly increase year after year.
Anyone enlisting after about 1984 is 2% per year. 20 years is 40%, 40 years is 80%, it takes 50 years for 100% but that's impossible because you will face mandatory retirement before you could reach 68 years old needed to have 50 years in joining when you were 18. You also need 20 years to be eligible for any retirement. 18 years gets you zero. The good thing is there is no minimum retirement age like the rest of the federal government. Join at 18, do your twenty years, get 40% for life starting at your current age of 38. One major difference in some of the numbers posted, sure an E6 can make $80,000 a year in total pay depending on ratings and location, but that 40% retirement pay is 40% of the base pay only which is probably about 1/2 of the total $80,000. You lose all the housing and specialty pays. Another "perk" is some areas make all your pay tax free including re-enlistment bonus which can be up to $100,000 for a 6 year extension. I put "perk" in quotes because it's places like the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, or Iraq.
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