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I think you definitely need to know how you want to RV.
Are you the "we need to get there ASAP" people? Or the "let's eat lunch, walk the dog & walk around the town" people? It may have a big effect on things. It may be more a Route 66 RV vs. an I-70 RV.

You would definitely need to know your vehicles capabilities and plan very well. You may find that there are some places you can't go.

So do the trucks have 2 battery systems? 1 drive & 1 for lights/ac/radio? Or 1 traction battery with a step down circuit for the auxiliary stuff?

You talked of adding solar power. Is there a reason it couldn't be used to, albeit slowly, charge the traction battery? Since the cab & box are seperate could you make a solid awning with PV panels instead of a roll out canvas one?

The consensus is that charging variety is needed. A 120v/240v charger where you can adjust the amperage of the output would be ideal. Does anyone make one?

Most rv's have a long tail past the rear axle. Are there capabilities near you to properly extend the vehicle? The rear section may be able to lower than the original frame.

With weight and aero changes a gearing change may help optimize efficiency. Are they possible with these vehicles. Didn't the AeroCivic work best at well above highway speeds?


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