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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
The Corvette posted above can do it at 820 rpm with a similar LS small block, you can too. If you aren't burning the fuel your A/F ratios are off for those RPMs. The factory working as designed wouldn't do that. You have leaking injectors or an aftermarket tune that loads extra fuel at low rpms in anticipation of a full throttle acceleration run, that is a performance tune. If you are willing to run aftermarket tunes, get a system that can load multiple tunes and even try the other way, a lean burn low rpm tune. Or just be honest and say, I really don't care what mpg it gets I want to go with the flow of traffic or even faster.
I can nolonger test this accurately
as I have an aftermarket (custom grind) cam, and an aggressive tune
my car also, wont get over 30mpg, at any speed (since the build)

but I can still get a solid 26-27 (which is still better than the (origional) EPA rating of 25mpg)
but I need to keep my speeds up around 70 (1700rpm)

I've had friends behind me say they can smell fuel when I'm at low rpm's
as well, it chugs below 60 or so
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