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Originally Posted by Grant-53 View Post
Each prediction is based upon a set of assumptions. it is an extrapolation of known data and perceived trends. Natural systems tend to self regulate. People tend to make substitutions when one product no longer is viable. I have lived on the 'eve of destruction' my whole life. Without a definite Pareto diagram of the factors influencing weather and climate or per-capital resource production there is little certainty of making precise predictions more than five years into the future. We can take prudent steps to minimize waste heat and conserve farm and forest land. I suspect these are root issues.
My impression from some of the climate scientists,is that 'prudent' has worked out for us,since 1957.With the best,high-resolution numerical models,there's a high probability that we're already into,non-linear,amplifying,self-reinforcing feedback loops,which will push us beyond irreversible thresholds, unless we not only cease to emit anthropogenic greenhouse gases,but remove some of the gases which are already in the atmosphere.
Today,Australia is electing a new prime minister.The number-one item on their political agenda is climate change.We might want to follow their lead.
Precise prediction has been the enemy of the good.Shareholders for Oxidation have taken on the same complexion as Sacklers for Oxycontin.
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