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It's hard to tell because it all depends on how it fills out or does not fill out the aerodynamic template.

I'm guessing it's this profile below - correct me if I'm wrong.

Guessing where that top of rear window spoiler is, I suspect it is in the airflow and interacting with the attached airflow.

Spoilers spoil the airflow, causing rolling vortexes that can pull down the layer of air above it - a good thing but it takes energy - a bad thing.

I'm not a fan of this upper location because the spoiler is not at a 60 degree angle, the angle required for creating a good vortex.

In effect this spoiler is not a spoiler, it is a flatish plate that allows for a clean release of air, but it's a clean release of air where attachment would normally be, so it's kind of a stupid location.

The effect is a larger hole in the air than without it.

Again, this needs to be verified with a template overlay - go for it Joggernot.
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