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Originally Posted by 2000mc View Post

Take away seems to be “roof spoilers are just stupid”
Sounds about right, roof spoilers upset the air flow of a clean aerodynamic car, and upsets the air further down the line of less clean cars with a real trunk lid.

I do see room in life for keeping an open mind on this in only a very limited scope pending wind tunnel verification.

1. Historic examples from late 1970's of redirecting roof foils on BMW and Lancia Class-B type race cars with notch-back roof lines.


2. Spoilers on notch-back cars that angle down at about a 7-degree angle and give the air a clean edge to release from.

I use words of caution about blind rage or blanket ridicule on any topic as it invites group think over actual analysis, and that's the sort of thing that made these idiot devices popular to begin with.

One last point, none of the spoilers in the video were true +60 degree Gurney flaps that I was talking about earlier as the narrator focused on aftermarket junk. I would be very interested in seeing wind tunnel or CFD diagrams of Wickebill/Gurney flaps on roof edges if anyone finds them.
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