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Quite interesting data about USA killing gender comparison :

"- Although women comprise more than half the U.S. population, they committed only 14.7% of the homicides noted during the study interval.

-In contrast to men, who killed nonintimate acquaintances, strangers, or victims of undetermined relationship in 80% of cases, women killed their spouse, an intimate acquaintance, or a family member in 60% of cases. When men killed with a gun, they most commonly shot a stranger or a non-family acquaintance."

So... some people are right when they said women are creatures of family.

On Brazil we can't find statistic about comparison of rate of killing commited by women against husbands or boyfriends. Probably leftwing, who domains sociologism university here, forbidden that.

A rightwing crazy group on Brazil mixed data from a brazilian statistic about man killing women in relations, and mixed a foreigen statistic about rate of murder (in personal relations) between man and women, and "found" (made up) that women kills more husbands/boyfriends than man kills wifes/girfriends.

This shows how dishonest are both, left and right wings in this sick gender warfare.