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To understand FE in a particular vehicle is to have loaded it to stated maximum. A solo driver is abnormal when it’s built for 4-6 people plus gear. Doesn’t matter that’s the way it’s used.

Takes 13-weeks to establish new habits. With cars I’ve always found that 10k miles cements the deal.

In turn, then lightening the load is bettered by the right foots understanding.

MPG claims in otherwise empty cars are a stunt. No value.

Use the vehicle per design, THEN establish what’s best.

My pickup is ALWAYS 1,200-lbs over TARE weight. Add in truck work gear presently with me on the road, and hitch the travel trailer, it goes just OVER vehicle GVWR (but not axle or tire limits). THAT is it’s defined purpose. (As well as my job to get the towing “penalty” as far below 40% as is possible).

For the most part, MPG is about best steady state. Never stopping or idling. That practice is the real challenge: maximum load against minimal fuel burn. Against compromising reliability & longevity.

Driving empty is the wasteful mile. No work being performed. No revenue. Screwing off by driving around and burning gasoline. All sorts of ways thru the emotional impasse.

Being ABOVE 20-mpg IN TOWN ONLY with a loaded one-ton didn’t happen automatically.

My 30-something son always thought I was slow thru traffic. Until he noticed it more about being friction-free. Tires and brakes just don’t wear out (well past 100k miles service).

MPG is only a marker against operator efficiency. A check.

Out on the road we make fun of other truck drivers across the CB who only have one speed. Can’t adapt to conditions changes. Get thoroughly riled when this is stymied. The problem is emotional. We usually jab and gig them about safe operation. It’s almost the same as MPG.

No one much cares I can hit 11-mpg with an empty 35k lb rig. It’s being able to hit 9-mpg with from 30-40k in the box that matters. Your family’s welfare is the same. You MUST have a performance benchmark for the day it matters. Vacation or evacuation. And it won’t happen without experience (In the same way that commuting IS NOT adequate preparation for highway travel).

What’s the percentage change? What is the fuel cost per mile?

Careful about rejection: That’s the same “you” claiming loading your vehicle to near max is unrealistic. . Before the cock crows thrice. It’s quite the opposite.

“All my pistol range practice reproduces life’s guarantee of ALWAYS 10-yard shots under duress” Is what I “read” about the MPG claims on this forum. Pretty well worthless.

Get the baseline.
And then make Economy a norm.
Norm = Predictability.
(“Under any conditions encountered”).
Fuel is only one part.


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