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Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
Trying to keep this moving forward. Got the glueups for the sides done. I am going to add another layer to the inside of these pieces to make it thicker at the front and add some extensions on the back to get to my desired distance. I am hoping to have it shaped and start the fiberglass this weekend.

When following the AST profiles (AST-II for the top, AST for the sides), if I encounter a bump (e.g. roughly 1/8" bump from trim on the rear of the side windows) do I need to slow up the profile immediately after that (simulating that the angle of that section is less due to the obstruction) or can I press forward following curves as if the bump did not exist? Basically I am calculating the angle of the rear of the vehicle and intercepting the templates based on this angle. If I use the glass/sheet metal the angle is different than if I use the trim.
Without seeing it,it may be that it merely functions as a trip-strip,actually energizing the boundary layer as vortex generators would.
Volkswagen (Hucho/Buchheim) found that the rear hatch gap of the Rabbit reduced drag,compared to filling it in flush (taping it over) with the body contour.
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