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Originally Posted by fastflyer View Post
I think that with the VG happens the same thing as with the publicity of the airtab

I know that what they promote is implied in the animation.I'm not sure that what actually happens is in agreement with the facts.
Details such as this would require a 'full-scale',full Navier-Stokes equation, numerical analysis,which currently requires about 2-days run time on a supercomputer.
Again,Hucho ran the Volkswagen full-scale climatic wind tunnel for 10-years,and he tested these sorts of things.He never saw anything lower drag ,except for box-cavities and boat tails.
I'm not calling Air-Tabs a 'liar',but I'd want a more rigorous investigation.
They haven't altered the frontal area,nor pressure at the separation line.I'd like an explanation for how they achieve a higher base pressure without some sort of reversed step.
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