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The problem with baja bugs is converting it back enough to be able to put the sedan delivery body kit on it. They sell the outer body metal, but not the inner engine metal panels. (as far as I've seen) So it would take a bit more fabrication to make the sedan delivery beetle that I would like to own for that cheap of a donor car. Plus I really don't want a stock beetle drive train. So getting what I want equals even more wallet opening... To do the project I would need to find the right parts beetle to hack on, but without the complete drive train that would otherwise raise the vehicle cost. The car I nearly bought was a $1500 baja with a bus transmission in it, and no engine. They said the bus trans was in there for the lower gearing for offroading. I assume this used to be a popular swap back in the day ??? Either way, it was nearly the perfect donor for my intended project. But I choked on buying it...

The other problem is that ebay has ruined the pricing of these cars in MO. Everyone sees the $20k ebay listings and think their beetles will bring $5-10k. Its criminal !!! Honestly I thought the $1500 was a bit high for what I was getting.

Ebay Bug Link

Here's another from ebay

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