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The car I nearly bought was a $1500 baja with a bus transmission in it, and no engine. They said the bus trans was in there for the lower gearing for offroading. I assume this used to be a popular swap back in the day ???
When you put 32" tires on the back the stock gearing gets really anemic. If the rest of the trans is good, swapping everything from the sideplates out will revert to Beetle suspension.

This is IMHO the best way, graft a Type III aft onto the Beetle body. The Type III inner fenders become the base for the woody paneling and the hatch covers a Type III engine (use a side-draft carb). A clip for a wrecking yard would prolly cost less than the new fiberglass, and it would be all metal instead of Frankensteined together.

Now the time to buy into a bus.

That one appears to have Mercedes wheels. The fiberglass tops are top-heavy, but you could slant-chop it to teardrop the whole thing.


Change my, you know, the thing.


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