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Originally Posted by wmjinman View Post
My thoughts exactly!

You can tell by the content of the wording this guy is a bit "off". With only 12 posts, he already knows what 50% of the people on here think? And he knows we won't "get it", yet posts here anyway? hmmmm....

Also, anyone who says things like, "...(you) don't and never will..." are showing their ignorance, because you cannot possibly know what someone might do in the future.

And then telling us we don't understand technology.... Again, does he know who we are? Has he read the "what's your background" on all of us?

From his writing, I'm guessing he wasn't an English major, LOL. So, a dumb-a$$ in English, but a genius in "technology", I guess

Oh, and then "knowing" the guy's wife's Tahoe "never" got 25mpg.... Why not? He's saying his Tahoe got 28mpg with his "patented technology". Why couldn't experienced ecomodders & hypermilers do it with their methods? Oh, wait - because HE and HIS "technology" are the only possible way to do it. How silly of me.

Anyway, sorry about the mini-rant here, but people like this make it hard for me to keep quiet....

EDIT: Oh, the thing that "got me" to begin with - going on attack with his first reply to the first reply. Diplomacy skills similar to his English skills.
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