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2020 - '08 Chevy Tahoe H
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2021 - '08 Chevy Tahoe H
90 day: 17.08 mpg (US)

2022 - '08 chevy Tahoe LT
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Hypermiling the Chevy Tahoe 6.0L v8 40MPG! :O

Yes it's the Hybrid version

Hitting 39.9MPG in my city

Setting cruse control set to 41MPH...

going from 0 to 30 on electric(which is the MAX before it automatically starts the motor) then getting to 41MPH and setting the cruse control.. is Yielding 39.9MPG in MY city...

I have not done any mods to it

The highway is a different story it's producing 27.8MPG... at 59MPH with cruse control...

I use 91 Octane Fuel as it keeps 4th gear longer with minimal down shift to 3rd gear on The freeway

I did tailgate a 18 wheeler W/trailer tail was yielding 65Miles per gallon ( the insist gauge was bouncing between 65 and 99 MPG) V4 mode

18 wheelers WITHOUT Trailer-tail yield NO benefit ZERO benefit...

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