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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post

What is your total stopping distance at that speed? Then add distance for reaction time. It’s ALWAYS going to be above 200’ which is still too close.

You need to be able to see BOTH side mirrors on the truck. AND have some idea of what’s ahead of him.

300-350’ feet back is where I start a pass. Closer than this means I BECOME DEPENDENT on his ability in driving, AND cannot see around him in any meaningful fashion.

Stupid is as stupid does. Quit this.

This is LA tailgating is the name of the game... if you leave more then 15 feet you can bet someone will cut you off.. and possibly even forced to rear end them .

. A car length is not a standardized unit of measure.

I use cruse control it has Manual controls so I can deduct speed or add speed using the wheel controls..... without pressing the brake or canceling it out

I'm used to dealing with heavy traffic you are not..

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