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Originally Posted by aerohead
Noah's Ark
'guess they like to cherry-pick their acts of God!
Back in the last century, I lived across from a church (Lighthouse Temple IIRC). They had trees lining three sides of their city block in the parking median.

The wind blew one down and their lawyers said they would be liable if it had hit someone. So they level the three blocks of 80ft tall trees (in Bleugene, Oregon no less).

My thought was that if a tree blew down on someone they probably need itir deity allowed it to happen.

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard
Decommissioning is a big unknown - and the long term SAFE storage of the nuclear waste - is probably going to cost far more than the energy we got.
Else it is stored until used as fuel in 4th Gen reactors.

Wind is predictable but not uniform. Doing maintenance during high-speed wind conditions would be easier if they built them indoors.

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