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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
I go through more traffic of every kind in a month or so than you do in a year. And in the vehicle you believe it a good idea to tailgate.

I was used to heavy traffic probably before you were born. Every major metro of this country.

You “may” survive a variety of accidents with other personal vehicles. A high percentage. You “won’t” survive most of the types of accidents created by or around big trucks (is how you should look at it).

Your bad idea of tailgating only needs one example: the tractor to trailer electrical can have a partial failure. No trailer lights. And disc brakes are increasingly common on big trucks. Pair that to awesome sophistication in the computer control of the drivetrain for maximum braking effect. These rigs can slow at a far faster rate than you understand. AND THEY WILL NOT ABSORB ANY OF THE IMPACT OF YOUR VEHICLE. You’ll be hitting a wall at above 30-mph (speed variance).

“Economy” is longest life at lowest cost with greatest reliability.

Tail-gating doesn’t feature. Ever.

The closest you want to come to the rear of a big truck is BEFORE you cannot see both of his side mirrors. No exceptions to speed or traffic. It’s also where you back away.

Tire loss is common. And 100-lb tires disintegrating at speed throw chunks that will come right thru your windshield. No time to react.

Risk Prevention should be your first rule in driving. A commute is just a commute. You chose well or badly in job or home since you haven’t an alternate to driving, now the vehicle bears the cost. Stunt driving isn’t an offset to bad choices

if you claim I need to keep 200 feet I might as well be stopped on the freeway as other drivers will be cutting your ass off 200 feet is laughable...

it takes a full loaded 18wheeler 450 feet to stop at 65 mph
most smaller ones will stop with in 120-140 feet at 65 mph

and if their brakes go out which I have seen happen THEY can't even stop at all I have seen a 18wheeler lose it brakes on the I-15 north bound to las Vegas

you bet that driver only cared about him self and the load other wise he would have ditched the rig off into the open desert...
smoking up a storm as they are going 80 mph on the shoulder
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