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Some people say the Corolla Hybrid will completely replace the Prius. I for one hope not, as the Prius is larger and it's hatchback shape allows for much more practical usage of the available storage space than a sedan.

SUVs are the rage, for some reason I have no idea of. If storage is what people want, that's what wagons were for. Do people really just want to sit that high? Heck, there's even basic 1" or 2" lift kits for the Prius for those who think the car sits too low.

I for one think the Prius sits too high coming from my Insight. I suppose it's just all about perspective. A friend who rode with me once commented about the Insight's low ride height....and he drives a Civic, not a SUV.

I wonder what the 2020 Prius will look like.
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