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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I rented a U-Haul today, but I only had time to put about as much as I could have fit in my Forester. Do I miss my old crossover?

The terrible fuel economy or the constant repairs?

I would rather drive a vastly more economical Honda and rent something bigger once or twice a year...

...or install a trailer hitch and get a trailer...

I do not understand why people want crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, if a sedan would suit their needs 99% of the time, and I wish more hatchbacks and wagons were available.

How about a hybrid Corolla hatchback?
For most of your question: it's a status symbol. whoever has the biggest, fanciest, most expensive car wins apparently.

I drive a clapped out faded 92 geo metro to work, and I'm one of the "office boys" on a salary. Most of the assembly line people drive new-3 year old cars with all the gadgets, and don't understand me.

We have an 07 odyssey which I got on the cheap for the whole family (there's 6 of us), and when there's stuff to be hauled that can't be packed in the back of the van, or laid out over the top of the seats to sit on the dash (BTW, 12' vinyl siding can be made to fit in a minivan with 6 people in it, as can up to 10' lumber, at least up to 2x10), we have an old F150. I paid 1,900 dollars for it three years ago, I had to put a starter in it summer before last, which I did myself, and shortly I'll be putting tires on it which I got used, 2 are essentially new that I paid $105 for the pair, 2 are ~7/32 that cost me $20. I'm going to buy one of those harbor freight manual tire machines to do them, plus the four tires on my geo, and my van needs two tires soon.

[obligatory paragraph break]

I explained to my wife that I can literally buy the tire machine, change the 10 tires I need to, then throw the tire machine away; and be money ahead. She gets it, my coworkers think I'm an idiot.

Oh well, living debt free is wonderful, and my old junk-wagons break down less than their brand new debt-mobiles.

Edit to add: I forgot to say that the F-150 basically just sits when not needed, instead of being driven as a car, but gets used often enough for stuff the other's can't do that it's worth keeping around, versus renting one that often. That's also not accounting for the fact that I would have to drive 55 miles just to get to the nearest u-haul location, and I take my whole crew in the pickup pretty often, and I've only ever seen regular cabs at U-haul
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