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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I don't understand wanting a truck or SUV.

The average person does not seem very smart. Dozens of people insist that, instead of paying my debt with the highest interest rate, I need to pay the smallest debt first, regardless of interest. I know Dave Ramsay says that, but not absolutely, and when I explain the math, they do not say that I am right, but condescendingly say "Whatever makes you feel better."

While the snowball method is specifically designed to make people feel better, even though it is not the most effective.

I have also had dozens of people tell me that I need to get a savings account and start putting money into it instead of aggressively paying down my credit cards.

I try to explain basic math.

Then I stop talking to them.

People insist that if you purchase a used car you pay for a new car with repairs and then purchase Volkswagen, GM, or Chrysler.

Have you ever heard people say they could not afford to not purchase something on sale?
Well you shouldn't have credit card debt to pay down to begin with.

As far as the pickup goes: I have a rental property, plus my own house, and I've had to do major builds on both. When hauling 3,000 pounds of lumber, hardware, and plywood putting it in a trailer behind a car isn't an option: they won't handle the load, and if they do you're just abusing your transmission.

I haul loads like this, and pull trailers upwards of 5k lbs on the regular for various reasons. I also haul loads that you wouldn't want inside of a car even if they could handle the weight: dirt, sand, gravel, half rotten leftover pumpkins, straw, garden scrap in the fall.

You also can't mount a snowplow on the front of a car, and where I live it's not uncommon to have no choice but drive through 6-12" of snow to get anywhere, and again a car isn't likely to pull it off.

That said, if I wasn't a homeowner, and involved in all the things I am, there's no way I would have a pickup.
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