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Hey guys thanks for your input!
California: good stuff! I got mine for less than $50 and it was a sudden buy since it was so cheap. I had done a small amount of homework beforehand and didn’t find too much info on the differences. I actually may be able to track one down. I’ll give it a shot and see what that does.
Pio: sounds like a plan! Ill check those out since I’m in the middle of cleaning anyways.
Turbo: i suspected the O2 sensor as well. I ended up finding a great deal on the actual NTK NGK O2 sensor after I had gotten another O2 sensor (can’t remember which brand) both seem to operate the same.
Regarding the EGR I couldn’t tell you too much about it myself... but from my understanding it has a few different purposes. One being to keep the cylinder temperatures cooler by using warm recycled air (not sure how but yeah XD) and secondly it magically makes air cleaner... magically. Either way, I’ve found several posts that say those ports leading into the air intake being clogged can actually affect gas mileage although I’m not exactly sure why. My EGR valve itself is pretty clean and I have a second egr I could test once the intake is back on.
I’d love to get an mpguino! I’m planning on doing some aeromods to my civic and the mpguino would be pretty helpful with that.
Thanks again everyone. You’re helping me keep my thought train going.

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