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Originally Posted by skyking View Post
that wasn't a tow rope, it was a mangled piece of tubing. Might be the top rail of a chain link fence, for example.
You don't tow gliders with a plane like that. It's always a high wing, unless it's an air tractor-type strutted low wing crop duster airframe. I spent a few hundred hours towing things like gliders, banners, billboards.
That was the beginning of the end of a very bad day for that pilot. He's already hit something ( the tubing ) and drug a wingtip. As cockeyed as he was, likely a rotten tumbling event after that.
It was a comment more in the line of a bad idea come to fruition. Airplanes don’t give jump starts via a rope tow either, (I’ve seen some of those go wrong. One, spectacularly), but you KNOW that’s crossed someone’s mind

I’ve always thought the Cirrus parachute equally silly.

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