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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Which means that you have to brake and/or idle the car (which both waste gas) to charge the battery. Otherwise the battery gets too low and then force charges, which increases fuel consumption.

In a hybrid, regenerative braking basically takes the gas you used to accelerate, and very inefficiently turns that into electricity when you brake. It's a very lossy process that's typically far less efficient than the standard gasoline motor by itself. That's why hybrids don't really get much better mileage for hypermilers, although they do help offset the inefficient driving style of the average driver.

Highway trips are good indicators of fuel economy if you can go through a full tank. I'm sure a lot of us would like to see some at-the-pump calculations to confirm the fuel economy of the Tahoe Hybrid. Some numbers on full tanks with average driving that includes around town driving would be helpful as well. Steady state cruise isn't as good of an indicator of efficiency. For example, I can typically cruise at 120-140 MPG at 35 MPH in my Insight during the summer, but have never gotten a full tank over 100 MPG.
25mpg was my last combined fill up...... it's still way better then the normal 5.3L non hybrid those 5.3L barely see 12-15mpg..

I just hate the fact GM leaves then engine going on down hills

I'll be replacing the air filter as well as it's clogged Just waiting on the part i need (the torx tool to open it)

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