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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
25 MPG is really good for such a large vehicle.

I wonder if the engine is actually "running" (i.e., consuming gas) or in some sort of DFCO mode like traditional gasoline cars have, where if the RPMs are above a certain number and your foot is off the gas, it cuts off fuel to the injectors while still leaving the engine "on". In that case the resistance of the engine spinning would add some sort of charge to your hybrid battery without actually consuming any gas.
Yes it enters Regeneration Mode...

sure it running Lean since the MAP drops to "normal idle" levels

i'lll be doing a windows up and A/C on (Electric A/C) it draws about 5-6KW it's a industrial compressor 330v 3 phase ..

a lot of places claim it uses more fuel , way more fuel but i don't think so.. they claim more then 25%(at lest the stupid EPA says)

it cycles like the normal one in a house as well I have the temp set to 60F Very high fan level then drop it to low-medium level. once it gets to a comfortable level...(it gets there very fast with in a few min)

plus next week we will be able to see New VS old air filter results...
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