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Originally Posted by aerohead
I would only add,that a subset of 'our' brains have a pretty good handle on the issue,and can be deferred to for expert advice.
I'd point to Fuller's Synergetic Geometry:
Until that day,the US Constitution says that we MUST pursue something akin to the Green New Deal.And anyone against that is a public enemy,by default.
Fair enough, let's make it minus the communism.

I personally find it quite interesting,sophisticated,all-encompassing,and the literature full of clear,concise,logical,coherent,rational linear narratives,to describe the minutiae.
It sounds like you watched the video. You are consistent with the video, our brains are optimized to focus on shiny objects but we shy away from things like the Bo÷tes void.
"Never trust an actor with a gun"
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