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[QUOTE=ksa8907;599735]I believe the engine must run at higher speeds even when not accelerating to run the trans fluid pump.

no it has a Aux transmission pump a AUX water pump as well
It falls back to mild hybrid if a failure occurred...

I think I found a Active Fuel Management mpg exploit... hack (aka THE hidden "3rd mode"). 2̶ ̶M̶o̶d̶e̶

But I can get Regenration.. to kick in and able to accelerate in 4 banger mode the RPM drops to 1,000 RPM in 4 banger ( it vibrates a little though since it's technically speaking it should not be at 1k rpm) in v4 mode .. the minimum RPM for V4 is 1200rpm for it to be stable or it vibrates slightly

this exploit

could be quite promising...AFM exploit

the v4 a (AFM exploit) you can even force a regeneration event while forcing it to accelerate on a down hill while still in v4(important to have more POWER(electrical power) & speed when you get to the next hill to maximize MPG)..

other wise if its normal regeneration and you take foot off the gas, you might I MEAN might gain a few mph in speed...

I suspect this AFM exploit might work great hahah...

Came in at 24MPG With A/C on medium fan. set to 60F..
Computer reading 24.1MPG average.

EPA BOOST huge claims i should have lost 25% OR more fuel economy...

4.00%- total lost at the A/C @ 60F medium fan speed.. it was 85F outside and 90-95F inside (Black SUV)

or if by EPA claims 18.5 mpg which is 25% loss

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