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We are (already) seeing migrants driven by our climate crisis.
Sam Kinison [RIP] would approve. Who is included by "our"?
Originally Posted by NYT
NENT”N, Guatemala ó To understand why President Trumpís new sanctions and other flailing to end Central American immigration arenít working, step into the dark, melancholy hovel of Ana Jorge Jorge.
An inflammatory, propagandistic lede? Oh, right. It's the NYT
...desperation ó and, to an extent that most Americans donít appreciate, this desperation...

So the paradox is that American carbon emissions are partly responsible for wretchedness in Guatemala that drives emigration, yet when those desperate Guatemalans arrive at the U.S. border they are treated as invaders.

Yes, of course: Itís time to note the standard caveat that itís impossible to link any particular drought or hurricane to long-term climate change. But that feels like a hollow excuse when youíre facing a young mom who has lost both of her children because of impoverishment from drought.
Qualifiers to cover their b*tts.
As they see their own crops wither, families watch luckier households build new homes or buy motorcycles because of money sent back by a relative working in the U.S. Some of these new homes have U.S. flags painted on them.
This is why they don't stop in Mexico as refugees are required to do.
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