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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Seems a little steep, but probably not if you do the math and figure how much you're currently paying in gas taxes a year
They still have to maintain the roadways, so they will always find a way to get you to chip in. Nobody rides for free (unless you have a PHEV like me)
Yeah itís a one time fee of 1k which is far cheaper than a diesel car paying a bare minimum of 336.13 dollars in road tax per year time 5 year which is the average someone owns a diesel truck equates to 1680.64. Iíll take the one time fee of a grand any day. Some states may have differ with rates but in VA that was what they proposed for new non range extended electric cars. There is also no plan to charge this to hydrogen vehicles which should be taking over within 5 years so it wonít matter some those will obliterate battery cars once they take off.
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