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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Democratic Socialism, National Socialism, Communism are all arrayed against anarcho-capitalism (see We Build The Wall*).

How about a Green Nuclear Deal?

I suppose that the issue of lack of command and control and unregulated commerce in a world of 7.5-billion uneducated consumers will be our coup de grace.
We're in trouble because of business as usual.It obviously didn't work.The Sumerian tradition of client/patron which survives to this day has been our undoing.
If a few corporations want to 'own' their actual 'footprint' on the planet,then we could do gentle handling,as their prices would rise to un-competitive levels,and they'd either have to abandon their current business models,or just go into the dustbin of history.
Free markets are problematic for the same reason.There are certain things which need to vanish from the market entirely,just as fast as possible.If we were at a global population of a hundred-million souls,none of this would be an issue.
Adam Smith,while pro-market,wasn't pro-business,he wasn't pro-democracy,or pro-republic,or a republican.He was a monarchist.And he knew that the only reason rich men could sleep at night,was because a very strong central government was watching their backs at night.His best friends were atheists.Like some of the early US Presidents.The abuses of the British East India Company(joint-stock corporation) sickened him.He also wrote at the same time of the American Revolution,a context for us to be mindful of today.And the only way you can really appreciate the "Wealth of Nations',is to read the three books he published prior to 1776.
There were no coal-fired power plants,gas-fired power plants,oil-fired power plant,petroleum industry,nuclear industry,automotive industry.The 2nd Amendment meant that you could own a single-shot,muzzle-loading flintlock long gun, or flintlock pistol.The global population was nothing compared to today.
The founding fathers hadn't a clue as to how things would play out today.
As to a Green Nuclear Deal,it's a matter of selling it.To both the public,and would-be investors.As of 2015,Dr. Michael Wysession was saying that until there was a well thought solution to the tens of thousands of generations which would have to safeguard the nuclear waste,any growth in the US nuclear industry would likely face opposition.And he said it in light of the current,Thorium 232-neutron bombardment to Thorium 233-decay to Protactinium 233-decay to Uranium 233 fuel technology.
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