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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
...He was a monarchist.And he knew that the only reason rich men could sleep at night,was because a very strong central government was watching their backs at night.

The 2nd Amendment meant that you could own a single-shot,muzzle-loading flintlock long gun, or flintlock pistol.
I'm not entirely opposed to a monarchy. It's sort of democratically established in that a corrupt monarch will eventually be overthrown. Possibly an easier problem to solve than a corrupt democracy as there's a singular problem to resolve.

Wealthy men don't need a strong central government because they have wealth (and guns) to protect them. Heck, I don't require police to keep me safe. They are last responders, not first responders. They'll write the reports after the fact. It seems the only time police are willing to enter a dangerous situation is when they've had 2 weeks to assemble several hundred heavily armed swat members, and generally they are the ones bringing the violence to what was previously a peaceful place.

The 2nd amendment wasn't to ensure people had the right to own muskets; it was to ensure the people could adequately defend their country and their land. It's explicitly stating what we all know is a natural right; to defend yourself against threat. As technology progressed, muskets were no longer sufficient as a defensive weapon.
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