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Originally Posted by stockMKIVTDI View Post
A lance shafts get removed in race cars too but be warned the extra vibration leads to extra bearing wear which will negate any gains in the long run. Better to just flush the motor by replacing the engine oil with some atf run it for 20 minutes at idle only. drain it replace filter and fill with regular oil. It cleans off any and all deposits that increase friction and decrease mileage. Especially in hydraulic lifter cars.

Bearing wear? The only bearings that were bad were on the balance shafts. That says something. How would a bit more vibration hurt my remaining bearings, especially with increased oil pressure? I'm calling BS on the "more wear from vibration" theory. Diesels vibrate like crazy. My inline truck motor vibrates enough to shake the mirrors at idle. I'm not worried about the tiny amount of vibration hurting the rav. I can barely feel it and nobody else can even tell it's there.

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