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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
"Climate crisis" needs to be better defined. What are the measures and thresholds that constitute a crisis? Is it a crisis if some people are positively affected while others are negatively affected?

As I've mentioned before, some research suggests we'll overall continue to prosper due to global warming until sometime around 2080, at which point further warming will be a net negative.

So, if we're currently in a warming crisis, at what point did it begin, and how do we know it began then?
The models are providing better resolution trend lines which diverge from the natural variations recorded in the proxy data.
The various disciplines,based upon what they're witnessing first hand,and the model projections (and probabilities),compared to what happened in Earth's past,paint an overall picture of change,the likes of which have never been experienced naturally.
There are no species on Earth that have evolutionarily-selected for the rapid changes that are predicted.We haven't engineered for what's in store.
The impacts will affect:terrestrial food supply,water supplies,heat,forest kill,the entire marine food chain,ocean Dead Zones, coral reef death,flooding,drought,extreme weather events,rapid-intensifying storms,disease,species extinction amplification,loss of habitat,massive methane discharge,extreme economic losses,climate refugees,civil war,etc..
There will be some local benefits,and regional benefits,depending.
I've seen nothing to suggest that we'll have a picnic between now and 2080.
It was David Keeling,at the Mauna Loa,Hawaii Observatory who measured the trend for atmospheric carbon dioxide going off the chart in the 1950s.
We've gone from 280 ppmv carbon dioxide,to over 407 ppmv.Methane has increased for 715 ppmb,to over 1800 ppmb.Methane is 20-to-83-times more potent that carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.When it biodegrades,it becomes carbon dioxide.
We will continue to warm for 1,000-years,and the ocean will be 75-100-feet above current levels,if we stop emissions today.
There's more to say,but it really requires book reading.You can't turn it into sound-bites.
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