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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
We'd all probably agree that we're collectively better off now than during the most brutal part of the last ice age, so my question is, if we've continuously been warming since then, and considering humanity prospered due to that warming, at which date in recent history did humanity collectively begin suffering (more suffering than benefiting) from the warming?

In other words, you can't claim a current crisis unless we can define that humanity has collectively been worse off. Otherwise, it's just unfavorable weather for some unfortunate people, not to downplay their personal misfortune.

As best as I can understand the situation, we're doing great, but have a potential climate crisis on the horizon, with certain people already suffering negative consequences of climate change, and others prospering.

I understand that acting now to slow climate change makes sense. That said, I don't think it's the problem of our generations. We're doing things right now that directly harm people that we're more capable of solving. Climate change will be the problem of a future generation assuming we figure out how to avoid going from cold war to warm war.
All these adjectives are subjective and not of high enough precision for which to make any kind of evaluation.You could argue human factors.Physiological limits.We'd have to look at temporal and spatial distributions.
Ice Age people had complete lives.They had their culture,their gods,their narratives.In their short lives they may of had more 'life' than we moderns.Whatever they had was 'normal' to their environment.There would nothing with which to draw a comparison.
You may argue the benefit of cheap corporate bananas,while survivors of the United Fruit Company's Santa Marta Plantation machine gun massacre have a different take on it.
When President George W.Bush's grandfather brokered the deal to sell 500-tons of lead -tetraethyl to Adolf Hitler,it meant that the Luftwaffe would be able to shoot my uncle L.R. out of the sky,machine- gun him as he fought hypothermia floating in the English Channel,them bomb the hospital out from around him in England.
We need to be mindful or our perspectives.
In all the time I've participated on this thread,you've never once demonstrated that you've ever actually looked into the actual science of climate change.Perhaps you've always expected others to do the heavy lifting.
You fly into Florida on your biz-jet,spewing an ocean of greenhouse gases,play 18-holes at Mara Lago,then return to whatever rock you crawled out from under.When the Guatemalan cane cutter dies of heat death from your carbon dioxide,the crops fail,and the family survivors are driven to migrate to America,looking for a future,you put up a wall to punish them even more. Real Christian!
Climate change is a problem right now.It's not something you kick down the road.I don't think the world will forgive us our prosperity.I don't see anything great.
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