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I suppose that the issue of lack of command and control and unregulated commerce in a world of 7.5-billion uneducated consumers will be our coup de grace.
At that point I thought "Adam Smith', but you addresses that. I guess I'd point out that the Founding Fathers only had muskets, but today we have Satoshi Nakamoto's blockchain.
Wysession felt that there would be ongoing technological evolution,with increased efficiencies (load avoidance) and increased efficiencies of conversion efficiency (demand side),as well as capacity factor (like we see the GE's 63% offshore deepwater wind).
Had we built passive solar since 1973...
...since the 1930s? Context of '1930s - 1940s: Florida Experiences Brief Boom in Solar Water Heater Sales, Ended by Aggressive Marketing Campaign by Electric Company'
1930s - 1940s: Florida Experiences Brief Boom in Solar Water Heater Sales, Ended by Aggressive Marketing Campaign by Electric Company

By the 1930s, the solar water heater industry is essentially killed off in California by discoveries of huge natural gas reserves in the Los Angeles basin. William Bailey, who has grown rich selling his solar-powered water heaters (see 1909-1918), adapts his design for a thermostatically-controlled gas water heater. His Day and Night Solar Water Heater does quite well in Florida, where a building boom has brought in an influx of new residents, many of whom have to pay high rates for hot water. Florida’s semi-tropical climate and its housing boom creates an excellent selling environment for Bailey’s “hybrid” water heater. By 1941, over half of Florida residents heat their water with solar or solar-gas heaters. However, declining energy rates after World War II combined with an aggressive effort by Florida Power and Light to increase electrical consumption by offering electric water heaters at bargain prices brings the state’s solar water heater industry to its knees. [California Solar Center, 2001]
Another example of oppression by Big AC?

Ice Age people had complete lives.They had their culture,their gods,their narratives.In their short lives they may of had more 'life' than we moderns.Whatever they had was 'normal' to their environment.There would nothing with which to draw a comparison.
They built to last.

That blue stuff is salt. The original Mud Flood, now 2000ft in the air.
You fly into Florida on your biz-jet,spewing an ocean of greenhouse gases,play 18-holes at Mara Lago,then return to whatever rock you crawled out from under.
redpoint5 has played golf at 'Mara Lego'?
Sandy Munro: Sacred cows make the best steak.

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