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Originally Posted by hat_man View Post
Just read this in the paper and thought I'd post a link to the article. I hope this doesn't happen.

A more fair way is to tax each vehicle by the amount of damage it could have done to the roads in the year concluding with each registration. Heavier vehicles do more damage to the roads than lighter vehicles, and in each case, the more miles driven, the more damage done.

Set a rate per pound-mile, and multiply the number of miles driven times that rate, then multiply the weight of the vehicle by that result.

The number and contact patches of the tires might also figure in, with the weight applied to the ground over a larger area (six, eight, or more tires) lowering the tax, as more contact patch would do less damage than two, three, or four tires transferring the same weight to the road surface. (Think of being stepped on by a tennis shoe, versus by a spiked heel.)

A 6,000 lb truck driven the same miles would pay twice what a 3.000 lb car would, whether one, or both are EVs.

Replace the fuel tax with this formula, and there would be no worries about cars and trucks going electric, and each vehicle would pay proportional to it's road damage.

EVs would still give a financial advantage to their owners via of eliminating the gallons of fuel bought.
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