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Problem is completely gone. In case you suspect this issue is the same with your car here’s my summary of the issue:
First of all get your hands on the helm manual. I went through all the trouble shooting steps for a code 12 (since that’s what I was popping with my California ECU. I ended up getting my hands on another black box and cleaned out all those components real good and swapped the two boxes. I also got another EGR valve and did the same to that.
After my multimeter showed me it was toast I went ahead and pulled off the intake manifold and drilled out the caps over the small welds covering the egr ports. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to the original one, but from how dirty it was... I’m certain there is at least one port clogged... anyways! The new intake manifold I pulled was in great shape and was really clean. I used carb cleaner to clean out those ports and got a ton of junk out of them.
Next I threw everything back on (keep in mind I was cleaning grounds and everything else in the engine bay since I had easy access anyways. Engine started up and was idling around 2000 which is definitely not normal. Either way, problem was still present but HUGELY reduced. 2nd gear was the most significant at that point.
Next morning my car was dead (turned out to be a bad solder on my external coil)
Today I threw in that federal ECU and that made the last bit of difference. There was no hesitation whatsoever maintaining a consistent speed and the ecu would come out of lean burn easily when accelerating quickly.
After a bit of digging it turns out the Canadian engines have different timing adjustments which seems to be what was causing my stutter and it explains why 2nd gear seemed worse than the rest of the gears. So as it turns out that would answer another question I had earlier on.. the C01 and A01 ECUs are not the same!
In the end I suspect I was getting two issues that compounded each other. The ECU was the main cause but the egr ports and general passages within the intake manifold caused bogging and combined lead to a significant lag on acceleration.
Sooo lessons learned: do better homework and clean your intake manifold.
Thanks everyone for your help. Next step: aeromods! Looking into a belly pan and similar mods
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