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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
I can't match your numbers, my XFE average speed is almost always 47 mph. .
Too fast, my average was likely close to 25mph despite peaks around 45,
I took the shorter city/country route between towns rather than the highway

Tank average dropped into the 50ís after a bunch of short trips during cool weather from and to work. But was still good.

If I had the time and the correct route I could no doubt pull high 50ís over a tank but since I donít my average from low 40ís to low 50ís is what I have to settle for.

It was refreshing to see that when I actually tried to get decent FE the car still could, although conditions were as close to ideal as Iíll likely ever see on a city street.

Also goes to show that if I lived further from work my fuel economy would likely be much higher, despite the fact I would have to burn more fuel over the distance
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