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Lab grown meat advances to steaks (small ones)

We know that lab meat, cow and chicken, it's no longer a science news, at least for a hamburguer, as grond beaf, or nugets for chicken. Anyway steaks was still a challenge, since only very small filaments was produced, requireing thousand to get something similar to ground beaf pice and so create a hamburguer.

But Israeli company managed to create small steaks grows in lab, small thin like the size of credit card :

This advances makes me wonder how they managed it. It could perhaps be used to help develop larger pieces of laf grown skin for burn victims.

Anyway if they till use bovine fetus serum to grown the cells, they are still hurting anymals somehow. I remamber a news about some scientists had found a way to use vegetal proteins, in a special serum made with vegetal extracts, to grown the cells, but I don't know if this israely company it's using this technology.

What about if they discover that human cells are easier to grown in lab?

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