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Lightbulb reduce the water temp

When I was living alone, I would turn the temperature of the water down in my water heater so that when I took my morning shower, I just had to turn on the hot water faucet. I didn't add any cold water. I could take nice "hot" leisurely shower (up to ten minutes) and the water would stay very comfortable. Also, when washing my hands or shaving, just the hot water faucet would be used. The dishesfrom my electric dish washer came out nice and clean.
The rate of heat transfer increases with the temperature differential. Even is your tank is insulated well, you are going to lose more heat (energy) faster from a tank sitting at 150F in a cold basement 45F then if your tank is set at 115 or 120. I realize that if there are a lot of people taking a series of showers in your home, this method would not be as practical. Also, mine was a natural gas fired heater which I understand recovers faster than electric. Hey, live alone or just the two of you? Give it a try.

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