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Pepsi Cola have a chemical, not sure if it's one of many sweetners or whatever, that was originally extracted from one aborted fetus. They isolated that chemical and replicated it.
There are no abortions going to produce Pepsi Cola, but some religious people insist there are and refused to buy Pepsi. Even the first aborted fetus wasn't aborted for the Pepsi, but was already aborted and someone took a sample to study that chemical compound.

For human meat, honestly, I see no problem since nobody would be killed to produce the meat. In case if the human cell it's better, why not? It's just a cell sample replicated. It's more moral than torture and kill animals.

One problem of many lab meats is that they need bovine serun, extracted from bovine fetus to work as a nutricious mix from where the cell would take the nutrients they need. So for each 100kg of lab meat I suposed thay need to kill more than one bovine fetus.

Some new researchs pointed that was possible to use a vegetals extracts as a environement for cell culture. That would be the only way to lab meat be harmless to animals. I suposed synthetic nutrients (aminoacids, vitamins and minerals) are too expensive.

Do you remamber James Cameron's documentary about they supposed had found the bones of Jesus Christ?
If they could extract DNA from it, they could in theory recreate Jesus's meat, and all dinners would celebrate the body and blood of Christ. Holy dinners...

A new startup could emerge : Holy Meat.

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The cannibalism question is the reducto ad absurdum.


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