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Newbie; what can I expect from an '03 Corolla?

Manual. This is all a biiiiiig experiment, because not only am I going to try to learn to hypermile on it eventually…it's also the first stickshift I've ever driven. So learning that comes first. It's not technically 'my' car yet, but it probably will be soon to replace my current POS van.

But I'm just wondering, what's a realistic expectation for both 'normal' and 'hypermile' driving while in the city??? From what I can tell, most techniques on this forum only apply to people with decent commutes that involve freeways or at least backroads. I'm in the city and I drive delivery for money, so there's a lot of…well, you know…city driving.

EPA says 28/36. Main driver says they get high 20's tops on the highway right and couldn't speculate what they get in the city, but I definitely don't know how into FE tracking they are. What's realistic for me? If I try hard enough, do you think I could get 30 city?

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