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Honestly, I was just happy that the Insight was receiving attention. I would have clicked on a Tai López video were he talking about the Insight.

Toyotas are good cars and Shouty says nicer things about Hondas than any brand besides Toyota, but they do come a distant second.

He gives some good advice, some bad advice, and acts a little crazy.

He has several videos promoting stop leak. I prefer Eric the Car Guy's video dissecting a system ruined by stop leak, but Eric doesn't rant about things. He is all rational and factual.

Shouty has a video showing how to properly jack up a car, except he puts one jack stand under the front jack point and not the pinch welds, axles, or, you know, somewhere stable on each side.

Shouty has a three-minute video demonstrating how to flush your heater core. Eric has a nine-minute video. Brian's Mobile has a fifteen-minute video. I feel that Eric and Brian give good information that Shouty does not, but Eric successfully showed us how to spray antifreeze on your face. Brian told us to attach a new hose to the heating system and put your mouth on it.

"Don't inhale."

I will give Shouty the win here, he may have skipped details (I watched it twice and he did not say to back-flush it like the other guys), but his method looks safer.

Here is a three-minute video on how to replace the timing belt:

That seems inadequate somehow. I would hate for someone to watch a video like that, think "That's easy! I got this!" and suddenly find themself completely over their head.

Fans of notoriously unreliable cars invariably use different metrics for measuring reliability.

I always find it entertaining when Dodge and Chevrolet fans criticize Ford for reliability. It seems that Ford consistently ranks higher, but then again, Detroit fans often call Japanese cars "Pieces of trash."
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