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Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
Shortly after the conference call mentioned above, I calculated the turns-per-mile for my commute to work - about 1 turn per mile.

I just calculated what the mail carrier would do around the subdivision: 8 turns per mile.

We're talking orders of magnitude differences.

So, you may ask, how do tire manufacturers deal with this phenomenon relative to their mileage warranties.

It's a matter of the risk. How much is it going to cost to warrant the mileage on a tire at one level, compared to another? Just an FYI, the risk (cost) is generally so low it hardly matters. It's a wonder that tire mileage warranties aren't all outrageous.
That makes sense looking at turns per mile.

As far as tire mileage warranties, how does that actually work? I've never had to try to use one, but I've heard of guys who buy a 60,000 mile tire and drive nothing but scoria gravel and burn them up after 20k getting denied warranty because of it. Is it one of those warranties that actually means nothing at all?
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