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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Not the case around here! Fits and Echoes/Yarises (Yari?) command a premium.

This was the first Fit I've seen in several years of looking with a low enough asking price that it could potentially be bought, repaired, driven, and re-sold in a year or 2 to break even or make a few bucks.
Canadian car culture and American car culture couldn't be more different in this regard, especially in rural agricultural America, and it doesn't get a whole lot more rural than ND. Where I work I would say ~60% of the vehicles in the parking lot are huge V8 pickups that have never pulled a trailer or carried a load for the current owners. Most of them have our tonneau covers (that's the backbone of this company) on them and they never get opened, the beds are empty and spotless like they were just detailed.

I did look, there's a couple Fits for sale for what I would consider a very good price, and Yaris's are a little pricier being a Toyota, but still very reasonable. I might consider one of them but I would never touch an automatic car that was available with a manual, and all of the ones I can find right now are auto.
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