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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
No group is my God, and my reasoning is that the individuals comprising the group are fallible and made of the same limited stuff I am.

Nowhere did I say that scientists pull numbers out of their rear; that's a mischaracterization of me.

What did I say; that scientists are guessing, which absolutely undeniably is the case. That's exactly what probability is; a method of guessing based on available data and understanding of how it's related.

The most basic statement, such as things exist, is a guess, as there is no way to prove that. Therefore, every conclusion drawn is based on unprovable and untestable givens. Absolutely everything is a guess.

I don't have much to say about addictive substances since I don't know what you're referring to. I'll say that science has nothing directly to do with morality. I'll also say that evil wasn't invented by capitalism; it's intrinsic to the human condition. It's a system of organizing labor that is subject to abuse, just like any system.
Your loose use of the term 'guessing' completely marginalizes those who've dedicated their lives to saving you from your own ignorance.You have completely mischaracterized the entire scientific community.
We can argue that,structurally,you're no different,but that doesn't address intellectual capability,specialization,experience,and familiarity.
Scientists speak of statistical probabilities.That's as far as they can go.But,some of these folks are endowed with extreme perspicacity,and can smell a trend,or connect dots like no others.You exhibit zero.
Just because everyone who's jumped off the edge of the Grand Canyon is dead,doesn't prove that if you jump,you will die.Do you want to prove some theory?
We've known about the greenhouse effect since 1824.The implication that humans could alter the climate dates to 1847.From Tyndall,in 1859,we knew carbon dioxide absorbs heat and that variations of it in the atmosphere could drive the climate.Svante Arrhenius,in 1896 deduced that coal and petroleum combustion could cause global warming.We've known about cloud condensation nuclei since 1896 as well.In 1939,steam engineer,Guy Stewart Callendar observed historic hot temperatures over a 5-year span.In 1952,scientists at the highest levels of the US Govt knew the dangers of fossil-fuel combustion.HUMBLE Oil Company studied the enormous quantity of atmospheric carbon dioxide since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.Roger Revelle and Hans Suess published their climate change paper in 1957 as well.The Bell Science Hour debuted their film,"The Unchained Goddess" in 1958.The American Petroleum Institute replicated HUMBLE's research results in 1958.According to the C.I.A.,global climate change began in 1960.On December 30,1963,the Moon 'Vanished' during a lunar eclipse,obscured by atmospheric aerosils,lofted into the stratosphere,six months earlier,during the volcanic eruption of Mt. Agung,verifying the theory of nuclear winter,scoffed at by climate deniers.In 1965,an Executive Report,issued by the Science Advisory Committee dealt with rapid climate change.In 1967,a USSR space probe reached Venus,and measured 800+ F,verifying temp measurements already made by radio astronomers....................................... ........
This stuff goes on,through the 70s,80s,90s,,up to the present.
Climate change isn't something cooked up by the commie-pinko-leftists Green Party in Sweden and Germany,or anywhere else.
The real problem started with the 14th Amendment in 1868.Exacerbated by Supreme Court interpretation of the 14th's due process clause in 1886.The Founding Fathers couldn't have anticipated corporations turning the whole nation into a colony.Citizen's United was the coup de grace.We no longer have a democracy.
If you want to play Karl Popper,or some NeoPlatonist and dink around with logic semantics go ahead.
BAYER HEROIN (trademarked) was put on the market around 1913,as a safe cough suppressant.It was the Oxycontin of its day.
Corporations are soulless entities,designed to make money.When they usurp the legitimate government of the country,we lose our democracy.
Climate change isn't something you want to test to 'certainty.'

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