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From what I've read though, they are insanely reliable, more so than a Civic. The Fit will destroy a Civic's around town fuel economy, but a Civic will do slightly better on the highway. The Fit manual will struggle more on the highway due to it's poor aerodynamics, unless, of course, it gets ecomodded up. My dad drove a customer's 2nd gen Fit for a couple hours back to the dealership for service, and was getting mid-upper 30s around town and low-mid 40s on the highway, with the automatic. I surmise that the manual would get slightly worse on the highway due to even shorter gearing, but get far better around town like most manuals are capable of.

The HCH1 has a 3.6 final drive with a 0.711 5th gear and the 08 Fit has a 4.29 final drive with a .757 5th gear. The Insight's 3.208 final drive may be a bit too tall, plus the gears aren't spaced as evenly. It would probably require a little bit of modification to fit correctly, but it would be an interesting project and would give the Fit much better gearing.

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I may need to look at a Fit as my next vehicle if they do that well. They usually go for cheap too because nobody wants small cars these days.
Most Fits around here are slightly more expensive than a comparable Civic, even though they are definitely less popular. Was strongly considering a Fit when I bought my Civic, except that there weren't many options and the ones that were relatively nearby were out of my budget.

A 1st gen Fit with 200k-240k miles will be listed between $2500 and $3500 USD aroud here. Ones with 150k-200k will usually be a solid $1000 more. The only one within a 2 hour radius that was under $2000 had around 250k miles and needed some work, and they were asking wither $1400 or $1800, I don't remember which.
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