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Well I have an update. My transmission went out after 243K, so I installed that JDM SLXA transmission that's been sitting around for the last 3 years. This transmission is geared shorter than the OEM trans was since it's from a Honda Stream (heavy station wagon), which I like. The car feels somewhat quicker since the gearing is shorter, but that also means my cruising RPM has increased.

My RPM going 60 has increased from around 2300 to around 2900, but I need to verify that the torque converter is locking because that seems high to me. I have been getting about 33 MPG average lately with the old trans. I will report back shortly with how my MPG changed.

EDIT: I was concerned that I might not like the way the car feels or sounds cruising at a higher RPM, but at least up to 70 MPH (which is the fastest I have gone so far), it feels fine. If anything, the engine actually sounds quieter oddly enough. It's possible that maybe the actual decibels aren't lower, but the frequency is higher and is IMO more tolerable. The noise before was more of a deep roaring, but now it is kind of a higher pitch humming, which is less disruptive when trying to have a conversation IMO.

Also, unsurprisingly, I noticed that the car takes less throttle input to maintain speed on the highway, and it doesn't seem to have as much difficulty climbing hills in 4th gear. It didn't really feel like it lacked power climbing hills with the old trans, but I barely notice when I get to a small hill with this trans when I am cruising down the highway.

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