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I don't think we can make mods to the Mazda van (window tint was mentioned earlier) but we might be able to install a trailer hitch on it. I like the idea of a windowless sleeper trailer, or just a regular box trailer, put the stuff in there, back the van into like an impossible corner such that someone couldn't just unhitch it and drive off with it.

I also wonder how frequent theft of this stuff is. It'd be difficult to steal everything just based on weight. But I guess all it would take is a few determined guys and a pickup truck. Maintaining a low profile is probably the most important strategy.

Because the minivan has a standard transmission if someone broke into it they could put it in neutral and turn off the parking brake and then just push it away from the trailer.

I'm also kinda worried that one of us sleeping in the van wouldn't really be a deterrent because we don't look intimidating.

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