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Yeah Taylor95, I installed the louvers to take mercy on all the stuff being baked in the engine bay. In the case of my Mazda, I'm convinced its battery died an early death due to the heat effects of living in an oven. Heat just ain't good news for the chemistry going on in a battery.

Regarding aerodynamics, I "believe" venting the hood and giving the heated air a natural escape route overhead does aid vehicle handling by keeping the front end from rising at speed due to the engine bay air trying to escape underneath. However, at the speed and methodology with which I drive, I can't quantify that. It probably would take before-and-after track time differentials to do that.

But I can say that in the case of my Jeep with a big, heavy hood and a quaint, rubber-band hold-down device on both sides of the hood designed to keep it from flying off, the hood used to shake-and-shimmy when on the highway in high headwinds or when being passed by big trucks. With the louvers, the hood no longer does that, presumably due to the fact that the engine bay air has an easy path upward and outward via the louvers, which eliminates the violent turbulence of backed-up air hammering at the hood for a way to escape. Also, after a hot run, I can now lift the hood without burning my fingers off, because the heat was allowed to escape before heat-soaking all the metal down below.
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