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Originally Posted by CapriRacer View Post
Most tire wear occurs in cornering. Drive in a straight line and there is hardly any wear. For example, local delivery trucks don't get as good of wear mileage as city to city trucks. What both the Post Office and Florida Bell were doing was on the extreme end of making a lot of turns in relatively short trips.

I've seen the same tires get as little as 10K, and over 100K on the same type of vehicle and the difference was what service the vehicles were used for - local delivery vs city to city.
And driver motivation. IMO, the real culprit given spec is otherwise to standard.

Was reading the blurb for the MICHELIN AGILIS yesterday. Sized for my Load Index 121 needs. “Commercial”. “Loaded vehicle” “Euro” all mentioned more than once in a retailer ad.

The expectation that it won’t be best for an empty 1T pickup. $319.00 per tire.

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